Thursday, February 19, 2009

Usually reading puts me to sleep

But then again, of the five nominated films up for the Oscar as best movie this year, this was the only one I didn't get to see. However, I did see the trailer and feel it's enough to give you my review on this work.

So....some dude is seeing his therapist and telling her of when he was a boy....not like the young/old Benjamin Button, or the old/young Benjamin Button for that know what I'm just going to drop the whole CC of BB altogether.

You get it, he's a teen and he has an affair with this chick who makes him read to her. Then all hell breaks loose, there's a trial and betrayal.....which kind of sounds like the French for trial except it isn't.

I'm pretty sure there's some lesbian sex, perhaps an Alien or two and some trans-gender know what?

Maybe I should actually watch the movie and get back to you?

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