Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Push de button

So here it is, the first of the reviews of the five nominated films for best picture. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Here we have a film where a dude is born as an old man as a baby....following so far?....and gets younger with each year until he turns into Brad Pitt who had a wonderful poignancy as an old baby dude but is just Brad Pitt when he's younger.

Subsequently there's Cate Blanchett who gets older in the film and turns into an old woman destroying all my sexual fantasies of the woman in the process.

And they do this in a movie so long it took two days to watch it all.

But I love David Fincher and his directorial style. Remember Fight Club? Remember Seven? Huh? Huh? Remember Aliens 3?.....OK maybe not Alien's 3, but it wasn't released as he initially intended so don't blame him. Blame those studio bastards!

And I don't blame him either for the Curious Case of the Old Woman and the Young Brad Pitt Dude. Although I'm not sure it has the legs to walk away with that old Oscar dude who doesn't age at all.

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