Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nixon will finally be impeached

Nixon was a crook and resigned before he was impeached. Frost was the Ellen Degeneres of his day. History is replayed and it wouldn't seem that an interview involving the two would be that interesting, but it is. I believe only because, Frank Langella gives such a compelling portrayal of Nixon.

Really he should win best actor, but he won't. Micky Rourke's dog died this week and with a superb performance in the Wrestler, how can they not give it to the comeback kid?

However, I'm losing the frosting off my Nixon here and need to get back to it. Frost Nixon is a good little film, quite enjoyable....until Ron Howard does what Ron Howard always does and gives his brother a job. When Clint Howard hit the screen everyone around me ran for the exits.

No matter how many goatee's, hair pieces, prosthetic noses they put on this guy it's still thugly Clint Howard.

Lesson learned Ron. The next time you do a movie about two dudes in an interview, in fact any movie, leave nepotism out of it. Pleeeeese!

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