Friday, October 17, 2008

Saw dust

BEETON, Ont. - An Ontario Provincial Police detachment said Wednesday that prank phone calls related to the upcoming release of the horror movie "Saw 5" have caused concern for some citizens.

OK first you have to take into consideration, this is Beeton we're talking about here; home of Beeton Meats next to the Beeton Off Ramp. Not too smart up there in Beeton.

Police in the Nottawasaga detachment based in Beeton, north of Toronto, said they received several complaints about the calls in the past few days.

And those were just the ones from Harper asking for their vote.

The source of the calls is an interactive website being used to promote the movie, police said in a release.

My bad.

On the website, anyone can enter another person's name, the police said. The site generates a "scary message" that can then be dialled to any home phone number.

"(The message) causes some concern for people who don't know the basis of the movie (and) . . . don't know about the prank call that's possible," said provincial police Const. Tracey Bednarczyk.

Unfortunately the first Saw movie doesn't get released until this Christmas in Beeton.

"We just want to make the community aware that this is out there, (that) people are doing it as a prank thing and not to be concerned."

Saw 5, which was filmed in Toronto, is due to be released Oct. 24.

Lionsgate, which is distributing the film, did not respond immediately Wednesday for a request for comment.

But if you know anyone in Beeton and want to scare the bejesus out of them go to
Saw V and create your own message.

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