Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Got Ween?

It's October which should only lead your mind to one thing and that's not Thanksgiving.

There's a bunch of Americans reading this wondering, why they would be thinking of Thanksgiving in October?

I talk of the best day of the year, Halloween....OK the second best day of the year....forgot about Pottahawk for a moment.

And with Halloween there is much preparation in store for those who embrace this festive time. So over the next few weeks I will do my best to guide the way with tips, info and how-to's so you don't end up wearing your mother's wedding dress and spilling barbecue sauce on it, in a lame attempt to snag some candy.

It will all be here: from how to make an adequate costume with just a ball of thread, silver plated napkin ring and a paper clip, to how cheese rapped in tin foil will suffice when the candy runs out, to how to scare the little buggers away from your house if this time of the year is not for you.

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