Sunday, October 05, 2008

Amazing yardsale finds #6

Dick Pole rookie card

Cost: $0.75

With all the Fukudome controversy surrounding the Chicago Cub's player I went out with the sole purpose to find his baseball card. As you can see, I failed, but as a suitable replacement I managed to purchase this one instead. As I understand it, Dick Pole was a heavy swinger who was eventually released from the Seattle Mariners due to his quick release.

Two Finger Squirter- Still in package.

Cost: $1.50

Although I forgot to ask if this item was for specific use in the pink, or in the stink?

The Man Lock by McGard

Cost: $2.25

I'm told MacGyver invented a better one, but what the hey. I'm sure this baby will come in handy if I ever find myself in prison.

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