Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy newness

In actuality, today is just the day after yesterday. Really, how much has changed over night?

Yet, we all feel like we can start over...at least until we fall back into the same old routine....sometime around mid-afternoon Friday.

Why, every year Ol' Strange sits down and writes a mission statement for the year and I've been good about attaining 50% of my goals.

Let's not discuss the much criticized idea for a bidet spa.

So, I thought perhaps I should set out some goals for the Blog as well.

1- Try to blog everyday- not in an effort to bore anyone but establish discipline for myself and maintain creativity.

2- More sexually charged blogs. Please hold your applause.

3- Try to maintain a fresh approach on regular features that have become tired and strained or, replace them with new, equally tired and strained posts.

I know that's only 3 things, but anymore and I might as well shut Strangedaze down and start a rival site to facebook called facebukkake.

So here's to the New Year and hoping you all attain the goals you set out for yourselves, or to mid-afternoon Friday....which ever comes first.

Well, there's one goal achieved.


Reg said...

I would sign up for a Facebukkake account. But like Christmas, I think it will be better to give than receive invites.

Strange said...

I tried to receive once. I still can't see out my left eye.