Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New parenting guide lesson #1

Today Old Strange is starting a new feature to help those in need of parenting skills. What makes me qualified? Well since, at one time, I raised a rug rat in my own image, I guess I consider myself qualified.

So.....You've squeezed a small version of you out of your puffy sausage wallet and now you're being told you must take this tiny being home. Now what? They don't give you instructions, there's no "baby just spit up yam on my $500 sweater" hot line, there's no diaper fairy to magically show up and take away the foul smelling green shit now permeates the household.

You just have to deal.

Hopefully together, you and I will work through potential problems and you might be one of the successful parents who actually sees his child reach the "Terrible Twos".

We'll create our own instruction manual for new parents:

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