Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One wing leads to another

Wasn't that a song by the Fixx?

As many of you may know, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday.
However, many of you may not know it is also the second annual Wing Eating Contest in Durham taking place at the beloved Wing Shack in Whitby.

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the 14 gladiators who will do battle this coming Sunday. These are the competitors the bookies are calling the long shots to even place in Sunday's wing-ding.

Billy "the mooch" Mergatroy: Known as "Heavens" to his friends, he has a voracious appetite but,suffers from narcolepsy and will probably be asleep by the 10th wing. (100-1)

Chris "the head" Beauregard: Once ate 75 wings in 4 minutes. Too bad he stuck his face into a deep-fryer to do it. He now has nightmares of the event. Expect him to freak out before the contest begins when the trays of wings are brought in. (200-1)

Delilah "the bush" Donjuanagus:
And please don't ask how she came by that nickname. Delilah, once a formidable foe who had her face tattooed with the remaining wing sauce after her victories has lost much of her wing eating potency after a bitter breakup with a fellow competitor "Wolfman" Eddie.

"Wolfman" Eddie:

No need to go into the back story here, but it could be good news for Delilah. Judges for this Sunday's event are still trying to decide if Wolfman should be disqualified for eating the knees of some homeless dude this week. (500-1)

Munroe "hairdresser" Dwiesellee: The hairdresser can eat a lot of wings- 287 wings Austin Wing-Off 2004 to be exact. Except it took him four days, and three cans of hair spray to do it.

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