Monday, December 31, 2007

Tasteless cartoon of the year

Sure I could go back through the archives and pick out a cartoon that stood above the rest in repulsive humor.....or I could simply blog a couple of cartoons, so vile, so tasteless, I have purposely avoided displaying them on these pages for fear of the negative backlash.

In fact I vowed I'd never post them. So if I do can see my dilemma. I could be opening up one of those space-time-continuum thingies.

However I know out there somewhere, there's a bunch of sick bastards who really want to see these and hell, I've probably got the rest of you wondering what's so wicked about these posts.

Curiosity killed the cat.....


The Mayor said...

You call THAT offensive? I'll show you offensive. Never mind, you win.

Happy New Year To you and GIGC for 2008, bro!

Strange said...

Thanks Mayor. Same to you and yours, and thanks for the care package. Many a villager will now be saved thanks to you.