Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas by the numbers

Don't ask me why I'm posting this early. By all rights I should still be in a river of drool on my pillow after another incredible annual Christmas party at Babosa and OBJ's where I survived more Irish Car Bombs than a Belfast deli. However in an attempt not to push my brain to overload I will keep it simple. In the spirit of Christmas I thought it might be nice to do a numbers strictly related to the yule tide here goes.......

6 Christmas movies or specials we'd like to see.

The 10 most annoying Christmas songs of all time. Is Christmas Vacation in there? Really it's only annoying after GIGC sings it for the 50th straight time.......WTF the link isn't working?

Please accept my apology and this link to Robot Chicken instead.

The 10 farts of Christmas.....OK I realize I'm stretching now.

Top 10 woman's mud wrestling videos. Hey, I don't know about your Christmas but this is mine.

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