Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Xmas is for the kids

Christmas will soon be here. I know this because I've been seeing Yule-tide commercials since mid October.

Therefore, as always, I'd like to help in your sellection of toys for the kids.

Say how about the Star Wars Darth Tater? Always a hit with kids.

Awww that's cute, but you say,"Strange, my kid gets board after thirty seconds and starts to play with the box the gift came in."

Well my friend, never fear for Strange also has suggestions that will keep your "little obnoxious you" busy for hours. Mainly because it will take him/her/it that long to figure out what the hell you got them and countless days after to pray to God that you die in some horrible way.

You're welcome.

Doll with a penis

I know it sounds like a Smiths song but it's also a great toy too. If your child is already confused why not have a little fun at their expence?

What do you mean you don't have a pee-pee Amy? Look at the dolly.

Yes Billy. All little girls look like that.

The Happy Fun Sled.

This one I bought for GIGC last year. I still haven't got the smile off her face. Although this toy is a bigger hit with girls it doesn't have to be gender specific and it seems to be a hit with the adults too especially if you're involved with one of those secret Santa gift exchanges.

The Jesusbot

Forget Transformers. Your kid should have the Jesusbot. It's a great way for them to cut corners when they ask God to kill you.

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