Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The great Bumbo recall

This article was sent to me by Bob Noxious weeks ago. However, with all the self-indulgent Private Sector rig-a-marole I was mired in, I failed to post it....until now.

I do apologize as I could have saved many an infant from head injury....nay, even death, had I simply chosen to warn you earlier.

With all the Chinese recalls going on, I feel I cannot allow something of such an important nature to slip from my grasp again.

Yet, I will say, had Bumbo been used correctly and as intended, parents would not be in an uproar and children would still have full mental capacity.

Mr. Noxious and I, as well as Dickie Sanchez and OBJ, tested this product repeatedly during the summer months and found, when used correctly, no injury- not even the tiniest of scratches ensued.

The fact is, we found Bumbo provided more protection, enhanced equilibrium, and gave us clairvoyance into future events.

Although I believe Dickie is now sick from lead poisoning.

Thank you China.

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