Thursday, November 29, 2007

WATN file #4

Michael Spencer Arsehole Party

Instrument: Drums

Influences: Welly boots, A spot of tea with a wee nip of whiskey.

Member: 5PM, Jun 3rd, 1990- 4:32:07 PM, Aug. 26th, 1990

Favorite saying: "If I got a spoon could I 'ave a taste of that Mate?" - "The guitarist is stepping on everyone else's dick Mate."

Left Private Sector....actually was told to leave....really was forced out......drop kicked into oblivion.

Last known location: "Just sittin' around the house with my balls hanging out Mate."

Rumor has it: Lives in a box underneath the Hog's Hollow overpass.

Just kidding Michael.....NO I"M NOT!......No really, no hard feelings........I hate you......No I don't................*cough* Imbecile!


Reg said...

There is no way I can make it to the show on Sat night, but I had hoped to attend. Life happens, if you want the story then you will have to email me. At any rate, i hope the show goes off without a hitch and you get all the groupies and booze you can handle for the night.

Strange said...

Sorry to hear that Reg, but the gig is actually tonight (Friday), so if you came on Saturday you'd still miss it.

Take care, talk soon.

Reg said...

The good news is that my foot isn't broken, I can barely walk though and am in a whole lot of pain. Do a Split Enz cover for me!