Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nectar of the Sector

Halloween may be over, but Private Sector rose from the dead at Sparky's in Brewerton N.Y. last Saturday for an inspiring performance at the Boaters Black Party- a traditional outing the 1st weekend after all Hallows Eve. It was the first time most of the original lineup had graced the stage-any stage- in nearly 15 years, as they kicked off their "Tour of Supreme Audacity", a tour that will encompass only two cities.

Show organizers, Audrey Pisiak and Emily Merrit, both agreed,"it's like they haven't missed a beat in all those years. Except they do look happier."

....and fatter and balder....take your pick.

The 1st set opened with a powerful rendition of "The Cure" before a near capacity crowd and thundered on as Sector plowed through their storied past. New versions of "Sleepless" and a Foo Fighteresque arrangement of "Holdin' Out" with guitarist Stu Green at the helm were particular crowd pleasers. As was "Standing on the Edge", a song featuring "Message in a Bottle", "Tom Sawyer", "Come Sail Away", "Don't go Breaking my Heart", and "My Hump" in a juicy, entertaining, middle to the song.

From drummer Brian Christopher's solid beat, to Don Barley's infectious bass grooves, the band moved effortlessly from one song to the next, visiting "The Mask", "The Colder the Compromise", and continuing to the nights conclusion- an encore of "You Move Me" and "Subliminal Messages". Even a sound miscue in "The Gardener" could not spoil this evening as keyboardist Bob Stone and the boys easily pushed on past any musical speed bumps.

As singer Chris Strange noted early in the proceedings, "We're here to give you 100%, or given the current rate of exchange, I guess that would be 107%".....

....and Private Sector delivered.

Next Show: Friday November 30th @ the Reverb, Toronto, with special guests Kong and Poker Face.

National Post blurb here.


Reg said...

Glad to see the show went well, congrat's.

Strange said...

Thanks Reg....hopefully we'll see you on the 30th.....if the fire code regulations have been fixed.