Sunday, October 21, 2007

Search continues laddie

With a scant two weeks left before Sector begins their long journey back into the public consciousness, the search for the perfect opening act to complement the performance continues.

Today The Missing MacPhersons are pushed to the forefront for your consideration.

Missing Mac facts:

Home: North Kilt Town, Scotland

Albums: Only one- The Attack of the Blue Haggis- which featured their most commercial sound, included a cover of Z.Z. Top under the guise of "Sharp Dressed Scot". Also their signature song "Scotland the Brave" with pounding beats and rapier lyrics:
Land as big as Paul Bunyan
Home of the purple onion
Lots of beaches, lots of sunin'
Scotland the Brave!

Other songs of note: "The Muckin' of Geordie's Byre", "Gallant Forty Twa", "Lend Me Five Bob Til Tuesday" and "Donald Where's Your Troosers?"

Memorable performances: The Macs only played once live, but 18 people were hospitalized during the show due to extreme laughter.

Pros: 1) No room left in Def Leppard for them to join.
2) Girls go crazy for a man in a kilt.
3) Only two members so they don't take up a lot of stage. Hey, they could open for Saga.
4) They will play for haggis.

Cons: 1) If trend of hospitalized audience members continues, Sector will have no one to play for.
2) Kilts leave nothing to the imagination during on-stage jumps. Personally I like to think of the "Loch Ness Monster" as a myth.
3) They will play for haggis.

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