Sunday, October 14, 2007

Opening, a can of worms

With the New York Sector show only a few weeks away and the Toronto show Nov. 30th after that, the search for the perfect opening act continues. Sure Sector have designated good friends, Kong and Poker Face, to sandwich their return to the Big Smoke, but the need for a little something extra still remains.

That is why Private Sector are still considering adding another act to open.

Today's spotlight is on Deacon Dark.

Pros: 1) Everyone has at least seen one Love Boat episode.
2) Signature song "Smash it! Trash it! Hit it with a hammer and bash it!" is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
3) Kiss-type makeup hides the "Stach" quite nicely.

Cons: 1) Sonny Bono has been dead for a few years and U2's Bono will not agree to wear grease paint.
2) Sector would have to settle out standing Love Boat bar tab with Issac. With interest, now up to $8,472.50.
3) Pyrotechnics display would make "Stach" a fire hazard. Can you say "Great White"?

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