Thursday, October 04, 2007

The hockey season started last night, but....

You need to know, the Private Sector, Jackhammers gig has been cancelled. However, only after the bar and band management gave us clearance to open for prog-rockers Saga. Only after we e-mailed, phoned and sent out, "I'm the flyer", flyers to everyone in a 60 km radius. And only after we ordered a special "Saga, thank you" cake from the baker that when you scratched the surface revealed a tasty chocolate layer underneath the vanilla icing.

So what went wrong?

Were the has-beens scared to share the stage with the never-wases?

No. Apparently there's just not enough stage for both bands, or so we're hearing from the sound company who are supplying the club.

Not enough stage! R U kidding me? The biggest bar in Brantford doesn't have enough stage room?

If you wanted to wind me up, mission accomplished.

Private Sector have opened for bands where we were given so little room we were standing shoulder to shoulder, for Christ's sake!

At the Elmocambo we opened for National Velvet with 2 other bands on a stage the length of 3 small men. I had a cymbal stand in my ass the entire set.

Once opening for Goddo I had to sing on a small platform away from the band, there was that little room. People kept putting $5's in my socks thinking I was an exotic dancer.

At U.S.A. Sams in Syracuse opening for Benny Moredonuts, We had to serve tables while I performed because there was no room on the stage at all.

So don't tell me there's not enough room buddy.

With today's technological advancements, I'll sing via satellite from a car in the Jackhammer's parking lot for you to watch on your iphone.

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