Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar Reviews part deux

Life of Pi: Again I didn't see it, but I saw the trailer. The effects look great so it will probably get some tech awards. It also looks like it has that dude from Big Bang Theory in it. I wonder if he sings as well as Russell Crowe? Just a thought.
Won't win best picture, but maybe Ang Lee snags the Best Director Oscar out from under that prude Steven Spielberg...or better yet...let's see...The Academy Awards are in a theatre...Spielberg directed Lincoln...I got it! Ang Lee assassinates Spielberg!
Silver Linings Playbook: I actually saw this one and liked it even though it's a chick flick disguised as something guys would watch because there's lots of talk about football in it. Jennifer Lawrence should pull out a win for best Actress, but Bradley Cooper can't beat DDL for best actor so don't even bother buddy.
As far as best picture is concerned, I don't believe they have a play to call for that.

Zero Dark Thirty: Spoiler alert! Osama Bin Laden dies! It's an OK movie, it's just that I'm so tired of 911/ terrorist/ OBL documentaries that I found I wanted this movie to end toward the middle. I also found the ending a little anti-climactic when it should have been the most intriguing. I didn't find it was as good as Bigalow's last movie...and may I ad Oscar winner "The Hurt Locker".

We feel sorry for your time married to James Cameron, Kathryn, but come've already won in more ways that we can count.

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