Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar Reviews part 1

So I've tried to cram all the best picture Oscar nominated films into one week of watching...and well...I didn't quite make it. So I will do my best to tell you what I think.

Amour: This is a film, so I am told, that is about a couple of married, retired, music teachers. One gets ill but doesn't want to hang in a hospital...something about clean sheets and the other...the dude I think...has to take care of his wife at home. It's frustrating, sad and depressing since their kids aren't much help and since you have to read subtitles the whole movie because it's all in French.
Yup, this won't win, but it will win best foreign film since that's where it belongs in the first place.
Beasts of the Southern Wild: I'm guessin' some sort of African-Slumdog Millionaire-Atonement-Steel Magnolias-Chariots of Fire-English Patient-Shakespeare in Love-Notebook- Dances With Wolves-Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of tear-jerker chick-flick with quaint black people?...Yes...that's right...that covers it.

Again, not going to win, but good for you, little film that could!

Les Miserables: Again didn't see it mainly because there are no muff shots of Anne Hathaway, but I did see the live performance which was exceptional! I hear the movie is kind of drawn out and boring, but not the stage play which was exceptional! I also heard Russel Crowe can't sing which I found stange because I thought he had a wonderful vocal range- like an angel in, "A Beautiful MInd"...or did I dream it? Did I mention the live performance of Les Miserables was exceptional!?
But anyhoo...another looser here. When was the last time a musical won best pic anyway?

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