Monday, June 01, 2009

Only a matter of time

So it's June 1st and summer is on it's way. Although, it doesn't feel much like it some days. But it got me to thinking that Pottahawk is just around the corner.

Ah Pottahawk- the greatest day of the year: better than Christmas; better than a day off with pay; better than finding twenty bucks you forgot about in that sweater pocket; better than the ritualistic sex every Friday...on the last week of the month...before the winter solstice...on a leap year.

Yes-sir-ee....Pottahawk has been very,very good to me, not just in a, fun-drunk-I can see your vagina-way, either. Pottahawk means lots of hits for Strangedaze as people search for debauchery of one sort or another. And I aim to please in that category. With the lack of traffic in the past months as the recession even hits mt Blog, it will we a welcomed change.

This year I hope to be no different as all your favorite blogs should be back from: Where's Boo and Johnny Wad, to Pottahawk T-Shirts, to This Day in the History of Pottahawk.

And let us not forget the pics and vids.

So start cracking open those beers my friends, there is much training to do before the blessed day is upon us.

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