Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great moments in Pottahawk history #4

The first wedding ever to happen at Pottahawk was in 1901, or as the Old-timers called it 19 aught 1.

Graham Handcock and Edna Spunkmyre tied the knot on the shores of Pottahawk that fateful day in July. The infamous Handcock-Spunkmyre union lasted only 41 minutes when Mr. Handcock's new bride ran away with the photographer who took the photo Dr. Colonel "Tex" Obenhymen.

In between taking wedding photos, Obenhymen doubled as a traveling side show salesman selling homemade elixirs. Maybe you've heard of Dr. Bull Horn's Magic Tonic?

It was the turn of the century's answer to Viagra and penis enlargement.

The two set off in a row boat from Pottahawk Point and were never heard from again. Assumed drowned in the high waves, it is said their ghosts still wander the point and can be seen in the reflection of the waters...that is until they turn piss yellow and brown.

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