Saturday, September 06, 2008

The internet: it's just not trying anymore

Last week I failed to post my regular news and reviews. I guess it was due to a weak, week I felt had nothing to offer.

Other than talk of Cher playing Cat Woman in the next Batman flick, tainted meat recalls and a ho-hum hurricane, there was really nothing to work with.

Perhaps it's just me, because this week I feel much the same way after a summer of posting- there's nothing left to say.

Sure I could comment on Tiger Woods announcing he and his wife are expecting their second child. How, if three kids is still the family unit norm, does that put him one under par?

Or how some dude paid half-a-mil for a guitar Hendrix burned in the sixties and if the house he stores it in burns down, how will he ever convince his insurance that the guitar was damaged?

Or how, apparently the place to shop for furniture....and well.....really anything isn't Ikea or Walmart, it's the Humber River in Toronto.

Or how in a deep-fried food competition in Texas, some dude won with his signature dish Deep-Fried bacon-flavored chicken which he should probably rename the Deep-Fried Heart-Attack.

The truth is I feel uninspired and should probably drop news and reviews until next year when the mood strikes me.

Until next time.

Strange Ocho Cinco