Friday, September 19, 2008

Direct, not to the point after all

Usually I try to post something of a light nature when I decide to punch out my thoughts on these pages, but something happened that I feel everyone should know. In fact given the nature of what has happened I’m sure you can relate.

My mother is 75 and getting up in years. We’ve had her come stay with us. When she did, she sold her house, notified all her utilities, settled up and cancelled all her accounts, left her forwarding information with the post office. Why? Because my mother likes to tie up loose ends and believes in being above board with everyone.

However, despite her attempts to move on and enjoy her retirement in a new locale, a letter came for her from CGC (Collection Group of Canada Inc.) stating the following:

Herewith, you are being served notice that we have been retained by DIRECT ENERGY GAS, to take immediate action on your delinquent account for $366.99. We have full authority and instructions to bring this matter to a prompt conclusion.

It is imperative that we receive your cheque immediately, or we shall have no alternative but to take appropriate action to enforce payment without further delay.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Really? This? After almost a year of living in her new digs?

When contacted, Direct Energy, claims this is merely company policy.

What? To not inform a client when they call to cancel they’ll have to pay a penalty?

What? To not send notification to the client informing that money is still due? I mean all her other mail was forwarded here from the post office, why not Direct Energy’s?

What? To badger an elderly woman, a long time customer, who has an impeccable credit rating and who would have happily paid the amount owing, had she been instructed to do so last October.

No, Direct Energy has chosen to skulk behind the proud, tried, tested and true, Gestapo tactics of a second rate collection agency who haven’t the decency to try simple communication before sending off their written defecation.

So I write this. My right to free speech. My right to let everyone know what is going on here.

And I say to you my friends, watch those bills coming in. Check for any discrepancy. Question every hidden charge. Let the bastards of big business know you are being vigilant.

After all, they sure let you know.....but give them about a year first.

I’ll send this out to as many people who will listen and Blind-Close-Caption to Direct Energy, because I know that’s where they feel comfortable....hidden and out of sight.

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