Sunday, September 07, 2008

Amazing yardsale finds #5

The summer may be almost over, but the yard sales are still out there with real bargoons for those willing to search. Take for instance, these babies that I found at a street sale in Bowmanville. It was a big weekend and I made some major scores.

Johnny Rebel Cannon with three( count 'em) three cannon balls and gun powder.

Cost: $2.00

I figured this would go good next to the front door. I could fire it at unwanted door knockers trying to sell me, energy saving packages, girl guide cookies, ask for charitable donations, or wondering if I've heard the word of God lately.

But most of all those dumb-ass Weedman pricks who despite seeing my lawncare truck in the driveway, want to know if I'd like a free estimate so they can upsell me a grub treatment. Big company assholes! Here's a cannon ball right up your ass.

The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen on Beta max.

Cost: Got it for free with the cannon.

What a great film. I love Terry Gilliam's work. Now, if I could only find a Beta machine to play it on?

Two Girls, One Cup temporary rub-on tattoo.

Cost: $0.10

Looks swell don't it?

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