Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New year, or same old same old?

I wish I had a dime for every quarter I spent, for the times I wondered aloud, or in the quiet desperate whispers near the cat bowl in the ungodly wee hours of the morning...man! I'd probably have close to $20 bucks by now. Just think of all the pork I could buy?

I guess...what I'm trying to say really is...I've been blogging for several years now...how many?---I've lost count. Let's just say alot.

Anyhoo, somewhere along the line life got in the way and let's say, I've been lacking on seriously thoughtful posts for sometime now. Every year I threaten to return to form of my earlier years, but sadly, the truth is 2013 will probably see a continuation of the familiar---boob shots, quick links and a foray into someone elses madness while mine is left virtually unexplored.

Personally I wish I had more time to get directly involved, but I don't...so is what I'm currently posting that bad? Visitation is still increasing, so thanks for that.

Yet the days where I am back to being more than a sideline blogger may be gone for good.

That said...have an excellent 2013.

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