Monday, March 01, 2010

The blind leading the Blind Side

The Blind Side

See. This is what happens when you go from 5 nominated films to 10. Sure The Blind Side's an entertaining movie; a good movie with a decent story line, but is it spectacular? No.

This is a film with pretty good acting, a great human element and a happy ending, but is it an Oscar contender in all these facets? No, you can give that to Precious...OK except for the happy ending.

Realistically this movie doesn't make the top 5 in a normal year, but for some reason the Academy wanted to extend the nominees to 10 and make my life harder by having to review it anyway.

The film did, however, succeed in one category. It made me pay absolute attention to Michael Oher when the Ravens played the Colts. So much so, I had no idea the Colts even won that game until they showed up for the Super Bowl. Give Oher the Oscar, forget The Blind Side.

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