Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teaching me something I don't know

An Education

Seems every year at the Oscars there's always a film in the running no one has seen, no one knows about, no one's ever heard of- 2008 The Reader; 2007 Atonement/ There Will Be Blood (take your pick); 2006 Letters From Iwo Jima; and on it goes Gosford Park, The Pianist, Crouching Tiger Hidden Douflingus. Why should this year be any different with An Education?

From what I can tell from the trailer, an older English dude- Peter Sarsgaard who is creepy at best most of the time, seduces a young chick with a cello, takes her to Paris, humps her out of her pants and I think gets her to swing with another couple.... don't quote me. It is, after all, only the trailer.

But let's explore the reality here: 8 out of 10 pretty well known films vying for Oscar bragging rights vs an entry no one knew existed- hmmm slim odds there, unless the Academy decides to get all English Patient on our ass and bore us to death with this year's telecast.

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