Sunday, October 18, 2009

The first draft

So there you have it, the first draft of Hijacking Heaven. I realize I'm about 15,000words short of a, as of yet, workable novel, but it is, after all, a first draft.

I'll have plenty of time to pad it out, fix punctuation and be more vigilant on the spell check, in the coming months.

Yet, writing it was a different experience for me; a challenge, if-you-will. My first three books were all dealing with subjects I had a great deal of knowledge on, some based on personal experience and written in first person. Where as, Hijacking Heaven was a fly-by-my pants ride using third person and required a fair amount of research.

As far as endings go, this book was always meant to be the first part of two, or three books, depending on my ambition and I have already started work on bringing Graham Sheppard out of retirement for The Gryphon Virus.

However, before doing so, I'll probably return to lighter hearted fare. Finish off Johnny Trigger, or get rolling on the Thatch Memoirs.

Either way, for those who have shown the support in achieving my goal as a developing writer, I thank you.

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