Friday, September 14, 2007

New release this week

I can't help thinking after witnessing a few things this week. Britany Spears needs a new publicist, or spin doctor, or both. Someone to help her get her timing and confidence back. To use her poor performance at the MTV awards and turn it into a giant marketing tool. She needs the same guy who advises Osama or these guys: D- Drifters- Polka N' Fun. Then all will be right with the world again.

Just look at them.

That's supreme confidence my friends.


Reg said...

I think the only thing more fun than than Polka is having sex while listening to Polka. Accordian music is hot! Does Private Sector have an Accordian player?

Strange said...

We're still auditioning them. You'll have to get in line Reg.

Reg said...

Oh I don't play accordian, it's just that accordian music gets my freak on that's all. I'm sure you of all people understand.