Saturday, July 21, 2007

Self indulgent Saturday/Sunday

For the past 30 odd weeks I have been posting sequential chapters of my novel, "The Limits of Respectability". Today I intended to start posting the sequel, "Handmade Heart". However, since I was going to be away this weekend at the annual Sarnia Bayfest with GIGC- I know, I know...I really know how to live it up- I uploaded drafts for posting before departure.

Yet today I go to post the first chapter of HMH and find nothing but the blank page- which I guess is something if you want to get technical about it- So those of you who have faithfully followed the faux pas of Doc, Sparky, Wally and Wires will have to wait another week to see how these middle-aged men cope with another swing at the music industry.....hmmm....sounds familiar in an Entourage sort-of-way......or you can just go to the myspace page and get an idea how it turns out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go download the new "Dirt Pipe Milkshakes". I'm pretty sure I used to date one of those girls.

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