Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More, more, more

It's always more with you people...and I use you in the kindest possible way.

Ever since I showed you my tits last week you've been clamouring for more breasts...well I'm sorry! I only have the two.

What? Ohhhhh! Pottahawk tits you say? That's different....well I'm sorry! You've seen all the pictures I have.

But never let it be said that Ol' Strange wouldn't crawl across a room full of razor blades to drink a pound of your piss. That's right you ungrateful bastards....and once again I use you in the kindest possible way.

I have scoured the net to find you titty pictures from Pottahawk. Finally I have what you crave courtesy of my good friends at Canadian Girls Gone Wild....actually I don't know them from Adam. However, the beauty of it is, all I have to do is give them a link and I can rip them off to my hearts content.

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