Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Sunday free-4-all

Here are a few links you might find interesting....

Sketch it, send it, get it. You draw a picture using your mouse- which will probably be a sketch of a penis-and then you send it out to someone who, in turn sends you their sketch- which is probably a penis. Fun huh? Modern technology- isn't it wonderful?

Looking to find that perfect match? Looking to find that perfect Gay-Thug match. Search no longer my friend. Go make your connection.

So you've been standing around in long lines over the holiday season, waiting to get on your flight to anywhere but here. The damn security has cameras up you ass and you wonder, "is this all necessary?" Well, here are the true odds of being blown to bits by a terrorist attack during you in flight trip.

Nothing's shocking you say? Want to put that ideal to the test. Here is a sight that has links to everything that is a bottomless pit to depravity in the under-belly of the net.

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