Saturday, September 01, 2007

Killing time is over

So all this time and I finally find out the rumours of my imminent demise were all a hoax. There is no killer hunting me down to add me to a collection of the recently murdered. I'm sure I'm not the first man to shit his pants literally at the thought of being snipped into tiny I?

Back from cowering in soiled undergarments behind the tool shed, I would like to thank Jose Marrone and his lovely wife Pedra for filling in so admirably in my absence. Perhaps we can have them back occasionally when you tire of me. That said, expect them to post sometime tomorrow afternoon.

However, my return is not without purpose. Self serving no less. Do you expect any different from me?

I am back with an announcement and trumpeting fanfare, which may sound more like the horns of flatulence, but none the less, here it is.

Not since Pink Floyd had the audacity to only play two North American cities for their performance of The Wall, has a band had the balls to follow suit. Private Sector has announced it will play two shows only. November 3rd in Syracuse N.Y. and Toronto, in November with a date (TBA).

In celebration of this announcement, Sector have added two more works to the myspace page. The video for "Sleepless" and the song "The Cure".

Now is the time to get out and support these aging rockers who have proclaimed, anything short of complete success will lead them to opening a dog fighting facility to try and succeed where Michael Vick failed.

Information for Amex front of the line tickets will be forthcoming.


Reg said...

With 'The Leafs and Raptors' playing at the ACC, that venue is no good. You could try playing the bowl at the Skydome (whatever it's called these days) Failing that, you could settle just playing at Massey Hall.

Reg said...

Better yet, go all retro and play the old Maple Leaf Gardens!

Strange said...

Someone told me the alley behind the El Mocambo is available.